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Pierce the Heavens by Namie-kun Pierce the Heavens by Namie-kun
<edit> Anybody tell me why i cant upload to where i usually do?
<edit 2> there we go!


Uploading a 3rd of the size larger then i usually do, because i think it looks better bigger and you know how i just want to waste all your bandwidth xD Does "pierce the heavens" remind you of Gurren Lagann? 8D
First time drawing a night sky;;; for the whole time i've been drawing orz It's not even really a night sky;

I'm thinking of making a short (12-16pgs long) Touhou fanart book for my next project. Anyone support? :/

Delinquent Celestial Tenshi <3 She's one of my favourite designs~ She appears in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody as the final boss. Her theme suits her perfectly [link]

Tenshi has the ability to control land and weather. She can generate an earthquake by plunging her sword into the ground. Oh, and she likes to break things. And from the story SWR of wanting someone to beat her up, it's safe to say that shes a masochist too.

Why do i always draw better without a plan and when i don't think? D| I wish i could shut my brain down more often. However... for now i can't, i have less than a week to write 5 essays orz And i can't write essays at home; It takes me 10 times longer to write because of being an english perfectionist ;A;

Wish me lots of sleep, concentration and smarts!
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Okie~ Starting in my critique, I comment on 3 things:
Anatomy (if it applies), colour and miscellaneous (everything else).

I hope this critique is helpful!

Proportionally, she's accurate. However, there are 3 anatomy mistakes I see. First, her legs. Her knee is bent, yet it's on the same level as her other foot. Two, the way her body twists. If you've actually tried that position, it's very hard to breath, let alone 'walking' like that (which doesn't make sense considering she has her sword in the ground). It just looks awkward, especially since the bow on her back isn't lined up with the small of her back. It doesn't match the angle with the legs. Also, the way her head is turned and the angle of her walking legs, it just looks off in relation. I know you're trying to go for that 'movement' effect, but the picture would be more effective if her was simply standing, her legs to the side, in line with the sword. Third, is her reflection. It doesn't make sense to change the boots so it looks like a reflection, when nothing else has changed. If her skirt was flying up, in the reflection, you should see more of her thighs and the skirt would cover most of her body in the reflection. And the angle of the boots would suggest that you couldn't see the top of her hat due to the body perspective.

On the plus side, you drew her arms and hands very well! And the shape of the foot in the boot is very nicely done as well. It's more of the perspective of Tenshi that makes the anatomy mess up in the illustration.

I'm not really a fan of over excessive dodge. Where her sword meets the ground is a very painful part for the eyes. I'd also dim down the neon blue on the horizon and make it more of the deep purples/blues in the sky, paying homage to the 'reflection' of your whole image. Other than that, the colours of the character are very vibrant and make her stand out, but only because of the rainbow pattern on her skirt and her peaches. I'd also watch on the colour you use on the background. Her blues and whites makes her blend too much into the background. Another thing is I can't seem to define the light source. Telling by the highlights in the peach, I'd say it's from the top mid-right. If that's the case, I'd add more shading for the parts under her skirt to suggest that light source better. The shading looks fine in your style. It reminds me of another artists' Touhou art. It's a great style for Touhou art indeed. The hair shades are very well done and also in her 'apron'.

Everything Else
The only other nit picky thing I can think of her where her hands are on the sword. It looks as if only one hand is on the sword. I'd take the other hand and place it on top of the other; it looks like it's floating there.

I like how you have a 'ripple' of clouds in the ground section. Definitely suggests a nice reference to SWR. The picture is very visually interesting, but be careful not to make the background too busy and stray away from the character (as I'm assuming the focus is on the character).

I hope this was helpful and look forward to viewing more Touhou art from you!
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I wanted to write a critique about this pic a long time ago... so let's see.

First I have to mention that I love in Namie's anatomy that, even an 'adult' character can look like a teenage or younger, since nowdays I'm slowly getting know about these charas I know that she isnt that young as she looks in this picture, still I like it so much. The clothes and the folds looks incredibly real and she succeded to catch the movement between two step, I can belive that this is real and in the next minute she will turn back and simply walk away.

The only thing maybe I can write as something I might dont like that much is the face, the eyes are beautiful as usual but it shows the face from a really... awkward direction.

I have to write about the background details too, it's amazing how she can use the colors and draw every stars, clouds, planets look so nice. It's a really amazing piece from the universe containing the limitless space, and still the mirror image resembles the earth with the clouds, petals and sky. Maybe it was just me who realized that the girl at the mirror image is closed her eyes... okay I was a lame thats why I have to use my glasses in front of the computer, but still when I finally saw it, it simply made me smile. It's not a thing which can be described easily but maybe this is what's the art about. Making people feel nice inside. And I felt it, so let me say thank you Namie-kun.

Ps.: Someone wrote in the critique above that he/she (idk) found some painful part for the eyes, well let me say that I found too... but if I have to be blind because of this amazing pic... than let me be.
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You have some really really fantastic art pieces! I'm  having so much trouble integrating colors for the orbs of light shining around this fairy and dragon of mine and I totally needed really good bubble references with high reflections and intense colors. Thanks soooo much for providing some real eye candy - and possible concepts. I'll just keep tabs on your page! =:)
Yuyukoblossom Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I can't resist your awesome work!Right now I give you credit.
Yuyukoblossom Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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This is amazing, and the colouring is soooo sweet!! I like your technique and your style is very unique!!! Well done, and thank you for cheering me up!
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i love the lighting <3
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It's an excellent idea. :3
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the shiny-ness always amazes me! XD
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Wow...this is so pretty :D
How do you make everything so...glowy (for lack of a better word)? And how did you make the reflection???
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Such a great piece of artwork! Must… fave!
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I love her hat (peaches :heart: ) :D
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The Background is really awesome °__° !
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Piercing heavens... sounds fun, can I join? :la:
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AWesome! The proportioning is great and The mirror effect looks very cool. 50 BILLION STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconthumbsupplz:
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OTL awesome colours
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Amazing. I feel like I'm taking a cosmic stroll myself, looking at this. ^ ^
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I wish I could draw that well....................
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TENSHI!!!Her final spell was sooooo hard but the was so awsome.Her hat is epic I wanna hat like that
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